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Food Safety and Food Facility Issues

Food Safety and Food Facility Issues 



1. My neighbor owns a food truck and parks it on a residential street. Is this allowed?

To determine if there are any violations with this vehicle, a parking inspector would have to be dispatched. Please click HERE to enter a service request by selecting “Parking Complaints/Abandoned Vehicles.” Be sure to have as much information as possible (i.e., vehicle make, model, color, tag number and what times the vehicle is parked at the location).

2. I got sick after eating at a restaurant last week. I didn’t save any of the food. Can I still report it?

Yes, an inspector will contact you directly to ask you questions about your symptoms, meal history and timing. Keep in mind, food poisoning is not usually related to the last meal eaten but rather a meal from many hours or even days before.

3. I purchased bad meat from the grocery store. I placed it in the freezer to be tested. Who can I give this to?

The Health Department does not routinely test foods. You may contact a private lab who can have the food tested for you. If you are still interested in reporting the grocery store, click HERE to enter a service request by selecting “Food Safety and Food Facility Issues.”

4. I was in a restaurant that makes pizza and observed the staff making a pizza with their bare hands. Aren’t gloves required?

Gloves are only required when handling ready-to-eat foods such as salad, cold sandwiches, etc. Raw pizza dough can be handled with bare hands.

5. I bought a sealed baggage of frozen spinach that had sticks and pebbles in the package. Where do I complain about this?

This type of complaint should be brought to the attention of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by clicking FDA.

6. I was in a restaurant and they were using Styrofoam carryout containers. Aren’t they banned?

Yes. Styrofoam is banned in the State of Maryland. 

7. I was in a restaurant and was served lukewarm coffee.

Unfortunately, this is not a food safety issue and is not handled by the Health Department. Please report this issue to the restaurant manager.

8. I received some bad products in a grocery store and the manager was rude and wouldn’t refund my money.

Unfortunately, the Health Department does not regulate the behavior of management or have the ability to provide refunds. This concern should be addressed to the owner of the grocery store.

9. A restaurant reheats food and uses it the next day. The food is old and dry.

Unfortunately, this is not a food safety issue. Proper food temperatures should always be maintained according to Prince George’s County Food Safety regulations.