Construction Issues

Construction Issues



1. Dump trucks are speeding up and down my road. How can we get them to stop?

Speeding on the roadway should be reported to the non-emergency police department at 301-352-1200.

2. The trucks hit potholes in the road, very hard, causing my house to shake. How can I report this?

Pothole repairs should be reported to the Department of Public Works, Office of Highway Maintenance. Please click HERE to enter a service request by selecting “Pothole Repair.”

3. How do I report any damage to my home/foundation?

Please click HERE to enter a service request by selecting “Request for Damaged Property Inspection and Report.”

4. I witnessed a vehicle dump a lot of trash and furniture on the construction site last night. How do I report this?

As safely as possible, please obtain as much vehicle information as possible (i.e., vehicle make, model, color, license plate #). Once the information is obtained, please contact the non-emergency police department at 301-352-1200.

5. I recently witnessed a property performing construction without a permit. Now, there is a “For Sale” sign on the property. What can be done?

Please click HERE to enter a service request by selecting “Private Property Concerns.” An inspection from the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement, Inspections Division, will investigate this request.

6. Can I clear the trees on my property without a permit?

Please contact Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) to determine what is required prior to clearing trees on your property. Their phone number is (301)699-2255.

7. Someone offered me free fill to level my yard can I accept it?

Grading, as a maintenance measure, or for landscaping or construction purposes on existing developed lots or parcels, does not require a permit, provided:

(A) The aggregate of area(s) affected or bare-earthed at any one (1) time does not exceed five thousand (5,000) square feet or disturb less than 100 cubic yards of earth;

(B) The grade change does not exceed twelve (12) inches at any point and does not alter the drainage pattern;

(C) All bare earth is promptly seeded, sodded or otherwise effectively protected from erosive actions.

(D) Does not require a Tree Conservation Plan per Subtitle 25.

8. A contractor performed work at my home without obtaining a permit. Can a county inspector come and inspect the work for code compliance?

Unfortunately, the county does not inspect work performed without a permit. The owner will need to obtain a permit prior to requesting an inspection. Click HERE to download a permit application or obtain further information.

9. Can the County recommend a certified professional to inspect the construction performed without permit?

Unfortunately, the county cannot make recommendations for certified professionals. The owner will have to search local business listings to locate and hire a certified professional.