Common Ownership Communities - Governing Documents

Governing Documents

1. What are governing documents?

Governing documents outline the rules and regulations that exist within an association. These may consist of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declarations of Covenants Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), and Rules and Regulation.

2. Where can I locate my governing documents?

Your governing documents can be found at Prince George’s County Land Records- 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Dr. Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. You can reach them by phone at 301-952-5839.

3. I would like to make a change to my home. Do I need the association’s permission?

Most likely. If you are making a structural change to your home, or one that involves the appearance of your home, it is always best to check with your association before beginning. You may also reference your governing documents prior to contacting the association.

4. I don’t understand information in my governing documents. Who can interpret the information for me?

You may contact your association’s attorney for clarity on your governing documents.