Common Ownership Communities - Association Basics

Association Basics

1. I am not able to contact my board of directors. How can I get answers to my questions?

If you are unable to contact your board of directors, you may reach out to your management company for information.

2. How do I file a complaint against my management company or association?

If the association fails to adhere to Maryland State Statues (Statutes) contact the Maryland Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division in Prince George’s County, 9200 Basil Court, Suite 301, Largo, MD 20774 at 301-386-6200.

3. There is a leak in my condominium unit. Who is responsible?

You should contact your board of directors to determine where the leak is coming from and who is responsible for the repair.

4. There is erosion in my yard. Who is responsible?

To determine the cause and responsibility of erosion, click HERE to submit a service request by selecting "Private Property Concerns". An inspector from the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) will be dispatched.

5. Can association meetings be held virtually?

It depends. In certain circumstances, your association may be able to hold meetings online, dependent upon what is written in the governing documents. It is always best to consult your association’s attorney to make a determination of how meetings can be held.

6. I need more information about my association’s documents, where can I find it?

You may access your association’s information at the Prince George’s County Clerk of the Court’s Depository, located in Land Records.
Physical Address
Judicial Administrative Services
14701 Gov. Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772