2015 Fiscal Year Approved Budget

Volume I

  1. Adjustment to FY 2015 Proposed Budget (PDF)
  2. Budget Guide (PDF)
  3. Budget Overview (PDF)
  4. County Profile (PDF)
  5. Cover (PDF)
  6. Intro/Table of Contents (PDF)
  7. Message (PDF)
  8. Revenue (PDF)
  9. Strategic/Fiscal Policies (PDF)

General Government

  1. Board of Elections (PDF)
  2. Board of License Commissioners (PDF)
  3. Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel (PDF)
  4. Legislative Branch (PDF)
  5. Office of Central Services (PDF)
  6. Office of Community Relations (PDF)
  7. Office of Ethics and Accountability (PDF)
  8. Office of Finance (PDF)
  9. Office of Human Resources Management (PDF)
  10. Office of Information Technology (PDF)
  11. Office of Law (PDF)
  12. Office of Management and Budget (PDF)
  13. Office of the County Executive (PDF)
  14. People's Zoning Counsel (PDF)
  15. Personnel Board (PDF)


  1. Judicial Branch Circuit Court (PDF)
  2. Orphans' Court (PDF)

Public Safety

  1. Department of Corrections (PDF)
  2. Fire/EMS Department Volunteer Fire (PDF)
  3. Office of Homeland Security (PDF)
  4. Office of Sheriff (PDF)
  5. Police Department (PDF)
  6. State's Attorney's Office (PDF)


  1. Department of Environment (PDF)
  2. Soil Conservation District (PDF)

Volume II

Human Services

  1. Department of Family Services (PDF)
  2. Department of Social Services (PDF)
  3. Health Department (PDF)

Infrastructure and Development

  1. Department of Housing and Community Development (PDF)
  2. Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (PDF)
  3. Department of Public Works and Transportation (PDF)

Education & Library

  1. Board of Education (PDF)
  2. Memorial Library (PDF)
  3. Prince George's Community College (PDF)


  1. Non-Departmental (PDF)

Capital Budget and Program

  1. The Capital Budget and Program (PDF)


  1. Appendix (PDF)
  2. Table of Supplemental and Transfers 2014 (PDF)


  1. Glossary (PDF)


  1. Index (PDF)