Social Services

Gloria Brown Burnett

Gloria Brown Burnett has more than 30 years of experience in the development, administration and evaluation of human service and child welfare programs. Her career in the public service arena began more than twenty six years ago with Prince George’s County as the Administrator of Homeless Programs within the Department of Housing and Community Development. During her over 25 years with the Department of Social Services (DSS), Mrs. Brown Burnett served as the Assistant Director for Administration, the agency’s Deputy Director, and in 2009, Mrs. Brown Burnett became the Director of DSS.

During her tenure as Director of Social Services, she has advanced the Agency to be more responsive and aligned with resident needs by focusing on the customer’s experience. Mrs. Brown Burnett brought innovative strategies such as aligning work with the judiciary system to improve outcomes for youth in foster care, broke down silos by leveraging limited resources to expand services, and encourages nontraditional partnerships. Under her leadership, the department along with community partnerships implemented the Affordable Care Act in which over 200,000 residents became insured through the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange and the uninsured population has been reduced to historical lows.