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Largo Town Center Wayfinding, Branding, and Placemaking Strategy

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Hospital in Largo

Missed our community meeting on Thursday, October 14, 2021?

  • Event Video: Just in case you missed it or would like to review it.
  • Presentation (PowerPoint Slides): The visual material that was presented at the meeting.
  • Project Website: Get more information about the plan.
  1. Description

The purpose of this project is to help implement the vision of Plan 2035 for the Largo Town Center Downtown by creating a walkable, transit-oriented center. Other key goals are to:

  • Create an implementable strategy supported and championed by the community, local institutions, and development partners;
  • Unveil the brand for Largo Town Center, to create an implementable wayfinding strategy that markets the brand, and identify opportunities to gather and engage people in public spaces;
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of public and private stakeholders.

The project area is conterminous with the plan area of the Approved Largo Town Center Sector Plan. However, the Strategy should not negate the influence of other branding initiatives outside of the sector plan area, including the Health Sciences District – the area of the Central Avenue-Blue Line Corridor – and Central Avenue Connector Trail. The required services include, but are not limited to, existing conditions analysis, multimodal transportation analysis, graphic design, brand development, and community engagement, all with an emphasis on pedestrian- and transit-oriented development. Previous experience in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and comparable jurisdictions throughout the United States is preferred, but not required.

  1. Elements


The 2013 Sector Plan includes Signage Design Criteria. These regulate the signs placed in the area. The strategy will enhance these regulations by:

  • detailing the appropriate types, location, and design of signs and landmarks;
  • providing comparative examples of signs and landmarks elsewhere;
  • creating a framework for signs rooted in Largo Town Center; and
  • identifying a framework for installing, funding, and maintaining signs and landmarks.

As part of this work, the Strategy will incorporate:

  • an analysis of existing conditions;
  • an analysis of common destinations, routes, and modes of travel;
  • an identification of points, potential routes, and landmarks already present;
  • maps and signage types for Largo Town Center with proposed locations;
  • Graphic standards for signs;
  • Opportunities for lighting, art, and other creative methods;
  • A timetable for implementation;
  • Identification of responsibilities across agencies; and
  • Potential funding sources.

Place Branding

The Strategy will work with the community to develop a brand that seeks to coalesce and reflect the brands of other places in the area, such as the Carillon or Health Science District. Furthermore, the Strategy will incorporate:

  • Themes, logos, and slogans for signs and landmarks that capture the "essence" of Largo Town Center;
  • Conceptual urban art for the brand; and
  • Ways to promote the brand on benches, trash bins, and other street furniture.


The Strategy will make recommendations for improving public spaces in Largo Town Center. These will include small and large projects, permanent setups, and temporary or seasonal events.

As part of these recommendations, the Strategy will cover:

  • A timeline for actions, covering short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations;
  • The potential cost for different activities; and
  • Agencies responsible for different actions.

The Strategy will focus on Largo Town Center, but will consider the area's connections to nearby places.

  1. Project Boundary
Boundary_Largo WBP Strategy_031021
  1. Planning Board Hearing

Capital Region Medical Center

Missed our Planning Board Briefing?

On March 25, 2021, Staff from the project team briefed the Prince George's County Planning Board on the the project progress thus far.

View the video from the meeting!

View the powerpoint!

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  1. Timeline
Kickoff Meeting August 5, 2020
Focus Group Meetings September 2020
Community Meeting #1 January 12, 2021
Community Meeting #2 October 14, 2021
Project Completion December 2021
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  1. Adam Dodgshon

    Supervisor, Placemaking
    Phone: Direct: 301-952-3153 | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2299

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