What types of Site/Road permits does DPIE issue?

Site Development Rough Grading Permit – Enables rough grading in County public rights-of-way and on-site, including construction of storm drain and stormwater management ponds.

Site Development Fine Grading Permit – Enables fine grading in County public rights-of-way and on-site, and includes construction of public and private roads, paving, storm drains, stormwater management facilities, stream restorations, culverts, bridges, sidewalks, driveways, trails, recreation facilities and other development activities outside of the actual building structure. This permit is a prerequisite for a building permit.

Street Construction Permit – This type of permit enables roadway and drainage construction within the County public rights-of-way, including paving, sidewalks, driveways, streetscape, street lights, street trees, traffic signals and bridges.

Residential Driveway Permit – Enables construction of residential driveway entrances for access to and from the County public rights-of-way.

Haul Road Permit (hauling to or from a site) – Enables a commercial/industrial hauling operation to travel across County roads to and from filling and mining facilities. This type of permit enables logging contractors to haul commercial/industrial loads across County roads.

Oversize Overweight Vehicle Permit – Enables oversized and overweight vehicles to travel over specifically identified County roads and bridges.

Special Permit – Enables miscellaneous minor work to be done on-site and within County public rights-of-way.

Special Drain Permit – Enables minor on-site and public rights-of-way drainage.

Special Utility Permit – Enables utility installation/repair within the County public road right-of-way.

Application for the above types of permits may be made at the ePermits Online Portal.

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