Interior Nat Harbor

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      The Budget and Procurement staff monitors the acquisition of materials, equipment and supplies the Department uses to implement our community services and programs. The services we provide, such as solid waste, stormwater management, tree preservation, stream clean-ups, property and construction inspections, vehicle impounds, and animal control programs, make up a large percentage of our budget. Please call 301-883-5810 for more information.

      Our Communications Section staff can help you identify issues that may be of concern to your community or group, and schedule representatives from our department to provide you with the pertinent information. Additionally, they are available to assist you with public events and meetings by arranging to have the department display a booth or information table on your topic of interest. For more information, please call the Communications Section at 301-883-5952.

      The Abandoned Vehicle Section removes wrecked, dismantled, unlicensed or inoperable motor vehicles from public space. To report violations contact PGC311: online at or by dialing 3-1-1 (if in the County) or 301-883-4748 (if out of the County).