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I submitted an application for a Single Family Rental License and received a temporary license. What's the next step to get a permanent license?

Once an approved application is submitted, a temporary license is issued for 30-90 days so the area inspector can perform an inspection. The inspector will visit the property, either in person and/or virtually, to conduct an exterior inspection and place a hang tag on the front door. If there are no violations and the tenant does not have any concerns within their rental unit, then a license will be issued after 48 hours of the visit.
(Please note: If there are concerns from the tenant, an inspection will be scheduled to view any violations. The owner will be notified of the violations and given (10) days to come into compliance. If he/she does not, then this will start a process of denying the license application and possibly issuing a citation.) Email dpierentallicenses@co.pg.md.us for questions.

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