What phase of the vaccination distribution is Prince George’s County currently in? When will I be able to get the vaccine and where do I go?

Prince George’s County entered Phase 1B on January 18, 2021 and enters Phase 1C for pre-registration on January 25, 2021. Individuals in prior phases are still eligible to sign up to receive vaccines as we move to additional phases. Vaccines are currently being administered at the Health Department’s Cheverly Health Center and the Wayne K. Curry Sports and Learning Complex. At this time, these locations require an appointment in order to receive a vaccine. Additional vaccination sites are scheduled to be operational soon.

Individuals who live or work in the County that wish to receive a vaccine should complete the County Health Department’s pre-registration form. Those who are eligible for a vaccine will receive a link with instructions on how to schedule an appointment, as appointments become available. Current appointments are limited due to a limited supply of vaccines in the County and State. At this time, it may take several weeks or longer to receive an appointment, especially for individuals in Phase 1C.

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