How will vaccinations be distributed as part of Maryland’s phased vaccination plan?

MDH will focus this plan on three major phases of vaccine availability and distribution.

Phase 1 will begin when there is limited vaccine availability and will focus on target priority groups to receive vaccination. These groups will include those at highest risk of exposure to or developing complications from COVID-19, including:

  • Healthcare workers, residents and staff of long-term care facilities, first responders
  • People at significantly higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness

Phase 2 will include people in critical infrastructure roles, including essential non-healthcare and transportation workers, and people at moderately higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness.

Phase 3 will be a wide-scale distribution of the vaccine associated with broad availability to the general population of the state.

The move to advanced phases will be based on the availability of COVID vaccine, achievement of targeted metrics for vaccination of higher priority groups or notification by CDC and state authorities that the general public phase can begin.

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