County Highlights

  1. Keep it Clean

    Keep It Clean & Beautiful

    It's our responsibility to make our county beautiful. This beautification campaign helps to promote the desire to protect and preserve the environment. Be part of it, proud of it, and help keep our county clean Get Involved Today
  2. Things to Do

    Things to Do

    Explore the hidden gems in Prince George’s County. Located just a few minutes from downtown DC, there is access to many activities and events. See what makes Prince George’s Proud! Plan a Visit
  3. Business Resources

    Open for Business

    Are you thinking of starting a business in the county? Have you recently started one in the area? If so, the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) can help you. Find Out More
  4. Firefighter in emrgergency

    Disasters Happens

    September is National Preparedness Month. Create an emergency plan and practice it. Learn a lifesaving skill like CPR or first aid. Don’t wait for disaster to strike…prepare now! Make a Plan
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