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1. What services are included in Clear the Curb Waste Collections?
2. Why is the County offering curbside bulky collections alongside weekly scheduled trash?
3. What items are accepted in the curbside bulky trash collection program?
4. What if I have four (4) standard bulky items that need disposal?
5. What will happen if I set out more than two (2) standard bulky items on my trash collection day?
6. What happens if my bulky items are missed?
7. I live in a townhome community that has a common area where residents place their trash cans to be collected. Where should I put my bulky items for collection?
8. What other options do I have to get rid of large bulky items that do not fit into my trash cart or trash bag?
9. Can I set out appliances and scrap tires without making an appointment?
10. Does the County offer any other new Clear the Curb Waste Collection Services?