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1. What is COVID-19 (coronavirus)?
2. How does COVID-19 spread?
3. Who is at risk for the COVID-19 virus?
4. What can I do to protect myself and others against the virus?
5. Does Maryland have any confirmed cases of the virus?
6. What does the Governor’s stay-at-home order mean?
7. What is happening to businesses now that the Governor ordered many of them closed?
8. How is Prince George’s County handling the COVID-19 pandemic?
9. Where do I go if I want to get tested for COVID-19?
10. Is there a vaccine for COVID-19?
11. Where can I find more information?
12. Is the County doing anything to alleviate rent?
13. How does the CARES Act protect against evictions to HUD program recipients?
14. What assistance is available to homeowners who have federally-backed mortgages?
15. Will I receive financial assistance as a result of the federal stimulus package?
16. What resources will be available for those county residents that don’t qualify for federal stimulus aid, like undocumented Latinos?
17. Will local food pantries be expanded?
18. Will the police enforce the stay at home order in neighborhoods with apartments where the residents are undocumented?
19. How is the County assisting small businesses?
20. When can small businesses begin to apply for loans?
21. Is the County assisting those providing local COVID-19 relief efforts?
22. How can persons apply for unemployment insurance?
23. What do I do if I am currently facing an eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic?