Mark Graves

Revenue Authority
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 301-772-2060
Mark Graves - RVA

Mark Graves is a welcomed addition to the Revenue Authority in 2013.  He served as an Accounting Manager for several segments of the Baltimore City Government for 10 years and successfully participated in the “Budgeting for Outcomes Project”, that is now the basis for distribution of funds for the City’s initiatives and services. He brings over 20 years of combined work experiences in the public, private and government sectors that has provided him with a vast knowledge in business growth and sustainability.  He worked full-time while attended the University of Baltimore for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration.  

Mark participates in several volunteer projects annually such as the March for Babies walk, the Breast Cancer Awareness walk, and the Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving meal service.   Also volunteers as a coach for the Edgewood Recreation Council Youth Football League. 

Mark’s business motto is that “Every issue has a solution; take your time and find it”.


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