Cable Service Complaint

The Prince George's County Cable Television Commission is available to assist you in problem resolution; however we encourage you to attempt a resolution directly with the cable provider where possible.

Required Information

For assistance with the resolution of billing issues, cable service interruptions, construction complaints or credit request, please provide the following information when submitting a cable complaint:

  • Name
  • Service Address
  • Daytime Contact Phone
  • Cable Provider (Comcast or Verizon)
  • Describe Complaint
  • Response from Cable Provider (what action was taken to resolve the issue)

Ways to File a Complaint

If you have a complaint about any aspect of your cable service, you are welcome to file a complaint in the following ways:


Regarding cable complaints, the Cable Commission has the authority to assist customers with billing and credits, service quality, service interruptions and outages, damage from construction issues. The Cable Commission has no authority to:

  • Offer a per channel pricing
  • Order the cable providers to carry specific channels
  • Reduce the cost of cable service

The Cable Commission only has authority to ensure that the rates for cable equipment and basic services (local broadcast and cable channels) comply with federal rate regulations.

More Information

For information, including billing, call:

  • Comcast at 1-888-966-7552
  • Verizon at 1-877-434-6788