Prince George’s County (the “County”), through the Office of Central Services (“OCS”), seeks to develop the various surplus vacant parcels in response to CR-96-2021, located throughout the County.

Pursuant to Section 2-111.01 of the Prince George’s County Code, OCS invites qualified Individuals, Developers, or Development Team(s) (“Respondent”) to respond to this Invitation to Bid (“ITB”) for the purchase of County-owned Surplus Real Property (the “SRP” or “Parcel”) totaling approximately 116 individual parcels across 30 maps, either by fee simple or ground lease transfer.

Based on OCS’ desire for the “Highest and Best” uses of these Surplus Real Properties through the ITB process, OCS is intentionally focused on the desire of the County administration, residents and community members to see projects that reflect the value of these sites to their neighborhoods. The proposal(s) should embody the following:

  • a high quality of architectural design,
  • a vibrant commercial use that includes neighborhood-serving retail; and
  • for residential submissions, a mixed-income residential component that emphasizes affordability

OCS seeks Respondents who will develop the Surplus Real Property(ies) in keeping with the goals set out in this ITB, and will accept both matter-of-right (conventional zoning) and planned changes to existing zoning. However, OCS encourages Respondents to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) proposals that maximize the quality development of the Surplus Real Properties.

The Respondents that present the highest and best fair market offer, while presenting the most innovative and comprehensive solutions, rooted in Policy Focus Areas, may be “short-listed”; and/or a Best and Final (“BAFO”) proposal may be requested before a final award selection is made.