Successful proposals will demonstrate that the Respondent has:

  1. proposed use for the Surplus Real Property that is consistent with the County’s overall policy areas;
  2. met the minimum sale price offer set at fair market value, which is determined by an independent appraiser; and
  3. the financial capacity and ability to successfully close the transaction and offer an attainable development timeline to convert the Surplus Real Property to its optimal utility.

The basis upon which Respondents will be measured includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Attainment of County Policy Focus Areas

The County will more highly rate Respondents who achieve and exceed the following County policy focus areas:

  • Maximize the economic value to the County;
  • Demonstrate, through entity experience and expertise of proposed key personnel, that they are qualified to execute a development plan for a project of this scale;
  • Consider and incorporate stakeholder and community concerns into their project, to the extent practical;
  • Improve the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhood; and
  • Advance opportunities for local residents and businesses.
  • Local hiring and business opportunities. Respondents are encouraged to include in their plans employment and business opportunities for local residents and businesses to participate in the project

More specifically, higher ratings will be given to Respondents who achieve and exceed the following County policy goals by:

  1. Maximizing the overall economic benefit to the County, including:
    • Maximizing the development envelope such as through assemblage of adjacent land parcels (while still maintaining a Stand-Alone Projects) or maximizing zoning;
    • Maximizing value to the County through land value proceeds (paid by Respondent to County) and
    • incremental property and sales taxes; and
    • Maximizing community benefits, including affordable for a range of income levels (if residential is proposed); and job creation.
    • Incorporate a variety of commercial, retail options that include both neighborhood-oriented retail or services and destination retail;
    • Stimulate pedestrian activity, include, and sustainably landscape the surrounding public space;
  2. Seeking the least amount of subsidy (either through a reduction in fair market value or through other County or federal public financing tools) to fill anticipated financing and/or investment gaps in the Project’s capital structure.
  3. Providing County residents and businesses with opportunities to participate in the Project. Evidence of the inclusion of such businesses shall be in the form of written confirmation from such neighborhood-based businesses which shall include the scope and details of the said businesses’ involvement in the Project.

Development Division

Respondents should propose innovative, market-viable ideas for development of the Surplus Real Property. The County encourages Respondents to consider in their vision, the County’s Policy Focus areas with respect to promoting vibrancy, growing the commercial tax base. Respondents proposing housing are encouraged to maximize affordability across multiple income levels and provide for a variety of unit types.

Project Financial Feasibility and Team’s Financial Capacity

Respondents whose responses satisfy the following criteria may be eligible for higher ratings:

  1. Demonstrate that they possess the financial resources to execute the project requirements with no County-based subsidy;
  2. Provide funding plans, including sources and uses tables;
  3. Display a willingness to provide the County with fair consideration for its real property assets;
  4. Demonstrate significant investments of “at risk” capital during the pre-development and development process; and
  5. Exhibit a willingness to provide the County with a meaningful guarantee regarding payment and performance through final project completion.


The County will determine, at its sole discretion, whether each response received is complete and meets the requirements of the ITB. The decision of the County in this regard is final, and any determination on non-responsiveness will be explained to the applicable Respondent upon request. Responses that do not meet the following requirements will be deemed “Non-Responsive” and will not be considered for selection.

Announcement of Shortlist

Upon review of the responses, OCS and/or the Panel may, at its sole discretion, identify a shortlist of Respondents and has the sole and absolute discretion to conduct discussions with all, or some, of the Respondents on the shortlist via “Best and Final Offer” submissions. OCS will contact all Respondents and inform them of the results of the selection review process.

Best and Final Offer Submission

If Respondents are asked to submit a “Best and Final Offer”, Respondents are expected to adhere to the additional guidance provided by OCS and submit a final revised proposal for OCS’s final consideration. Upon receiving the “Best and Final Offer”, OCS reserves the right to have additional rounds of requests for information, and conduct further discussions and negotiations if the Best and Final Offers lack adequate information to reach a final selection.