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The county’s Online Form Center allows you to electronically submit and/or print requests for information and other forms. They are organized based on the agency that supports the service. If you experience difficulty finding the information you are looking for, please use the search feature below.
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Request the State's Attorney

  1. Name of Building and Physical Address of the Event; Please provide the floor and room number, as well as the name of the room, if applicable.
  2. What time does the State's Attorney need to arrive? How long are they expected to stay? Please provide an end time. If requested to speak, what time will they speak?
  4. Provide the best phone number to call on the day of event.
  5. Is there a security check-in process for the event?
  6. Are there security guards are assigned to the location for the event?
  7. Is the event open to the press?
  8. Has a citation been requested?
  9. Please enter any special parking information; NOTE: If the location requires a permit or special clearance to park, please indicate that here.
  10. State purpose/goal of the event
  11. Please state what the State’s Attorney’s role will be in the event/meeting. What expectations does the event organizer have?
  12. Please provide background information on the event
  13. How many people are expected to attend?
  14. Guest list / RSVP list?
  15. Please provide the mailing address for the organization hosting the event for future correspondence.
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