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1. What if I move to another address in Prince George's County?
2. If I move from another county to Prince George's County, do I need to reregister?
3. Can I register on election day?
4. What about joining a Political Party?
5. I didn't vote in the Primary. Can I vote in the General Election?
6. How may I receive an absentee ballot?
7. Must I vote by absentee ballot if I apply?
8. Do I need my voter's card to vote?
9. How may I obtain another voter's card if I lost my original one?
10. Does a change of address at the MVA change my voter registration?
11. Can I vote at any voting location that I pass on election day?
12. May I use my sample ballot in the voting booth?
13. I'm a member of the armed forces stationed overseas. How can I vote by absentee ballot?