How can I participate?

Eligible residents will receive information in the mail that provides details on opting in. After opting in, participants will receive a starter kit that includes a 2-gallon kitchen countertop pail, an exterior 32-gallon wheeled cart, educational materials, and a refrigerator magnet listing the acceptable organics items for composting. Food scraps must be placed inside of the organics cart for collection. Food may be contained in paper yard trim bags, compostable liners, or combined with yard trim in the organics cart. All materials in the starter kit and more information can be found on the PGC Composts page. 

PGC Composts

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1. Why is the County offering a Curbside Organics Composting Program, and why should I participate?
2. What can I compost?
3. How can I participate?
4. Can I compost leftover cooking grease and oil?
5. How do I compost my food scraps?
6. What happens to my organic materials (food scraps and yard trim) once they are collected?
7. How is the Curbside Organics Composting Program different from backyard composting?
8. How do I control odors?
9. How do I report a missed organics, food scraps and yard trim collection?