What can I compost?

There are a variety of materials that can be composted, including yard trim, leaves, grass and brush, and food. A few examples of food items include fruits and vegetables, cooked meats, leftovers, bones, eggs and eggshells, dairy (no liquids), seafood and shellfish, baked goods, coffee filters and grounds, tea bags and loose tea leaves, soiled paper napkins and pizza boxes.  Visit mypgc.us/compost to view a list of unacceptable items.

PGC Composts

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1. Why is the County offering a Curbside Organics Composting Program, and why should I participate?
2. What can I compost?
3. How can I participate?
4. Can I compost leftover cooking grease and oil?
5. How do I compost my food scraps?
6. What happens to my organic materials (food scraps and yard trim) once they are collected?
7. How is the Curbside Organics Composting Program different from backyard composting?
8. How do I control odors?
9. How do I report a missed organics, food scraps and yard trim collection?