Candidate Filing


Filing Requirements for Candidacy

You must be a resident of the District for which you are filing, a registered voter, and have completed and filed the following:

Board of Education Financial Disclosure Statement (PDF)               

Federal and State Offices are filed at the State Board of Elections. The only County candidates that must be filed at the Prince George's County Board of Elections for 2020 are:  
       Board of Education - Districts 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8.

Filing Fee

There is a filing fee of $25. The fee may be paid by credit card, check, money order or cash. 

Campaign Account

Prior to filing Certificate of Candidacy, each candidate must file a campaign account. A campaign account is established by filing a Statement of Organization with the State Board of Elections.  This may be done directly by going to MCRIS.

Note that most campaign activities can be performed using this system.  Valuable information and forms can be easily accessed there when you need them.  Additionally for your convenience, there is a user manual, video overview and video manual to walk you through using it.

More Information

Visit the Maryland Board of Elections Filing page for more information on general candidacy filings and Campaign Finance. Be sure to review the Summary Guide to Maryland Candidacy and Campaign Finance Laws. A list of filed candidates will become available after filings begin. The link is updated approximately 24 hours after new filings are completed. For additional information, please read Frequently Asked Questions or contact 301-341-7300.