Home Owner Association (HOA)

The seller is required to give you the following information at or before you enter a contract or within 20 days of entering the contract:
  • A statement of whether the lot is located within the development.
  • The current monthly fee or assessment and other charges imposed by the HOA, a total of the previous year’s fees, and a statement if there are any delinquent fees against the property.
  • A statement that if the owner has knowledge of any unsatisfied judgment or pending lawsuits against the HOA, any pending claims or covenant violations, actions or notices of default against the lot.
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the management company.
  • Copies of the articles of incorporation, the declaration, recorded covenants and restrictions, bylaws and rules of the primary or related development and if these are obligations are enforceable against owner and owner’s tenant.