Court Assignment / Calendar

Welcome to the District Court courtroom calendar. Please use this calendar to determine the Assistant State Attorney (ASA) handling cases in a particular courtroom (this information is on your subpoena). Send an email with your questions to the assigned ASA or you may call 301-952-3555 (option 1). If your assigned ASA is not listed in the directory, please call 301-952-3500 to speak with the attorney handling your case. You may also choose to contact our victim witness coordinators  to answer any questions you may have regarding your case:

Camden Heath Spears for Upper Marlboro cases: via email, or by phone 301-952-4929

Hilda Mercado for Hyattsville cases: via email, or at 301-780-8251
Please Note: This calendar changes frequently, so check this website often to ascertain the correct ASA handling your case.

Reading the Calendar

UM stands for the Upper Marlboro Courthouse, located at 14735 Main Street in Upper Marlboro. HY is for the Hyattsville Courthouse, located at 4990 Rhode Island Avenue, Hyattsville.

For Courtrooms 262 and 264 on Thursdays only, when there are two Assistant State's Attorneys listed in a box the first Assistant State's Attorney covers defendants with the last name starting with A-L, the second Assistant State's Attorney covers defendants with the last name starting with M-Z.
If you would like information for CA or CJ cases please email Laura Carter 
If you would information for criminal discovery please email Charlene Sadler at

If you would information on DUI discovery please email Julie Wilde at

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