Legislative Priorities

Each year, the County Executive develops a legislative agenda to guide the County’s lawmakers during the annual Maryland General Assembly Session that takes place from January to April. These priorities are designed to address areas that will help to improve the quality of life in Prince George’s County and typically requires the state to take some type of action. This action could be the passing or amendment of a new or existing law, appropriation funding or a policy change. In addition, these priorities foster a more unified team of elected officials at both the state and local levels.
County Executive Legislative Affairs Division
The County’s 2017 Legislative Agenda was grounded in ensuring that funding for the Regional Medical Center, public safety, and enhancing transportation initiatives such as increasing the County’s share of Highway User Revenues (HUR) funding and ensuring the Purple Line project remained as a state budget priority. The County was also committed to securing funding for modernization and construction of the County’s aging school buildings. In addition, the County focused on promoting economic development (job creation and diversification of the county’s tax base) and attracting the Federal Bureau of Investigation to relocate its headquarters to the County. 
At the conclusion of each Maryland General Assembly Session, the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs produces a 90 Day Report that highlights the legislative bills that had the greatest impact on the County. Below you can find the Legislative Priorities documents and the 90 Day Reports from 2011 through the present.
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