JaNay Queen

JaNay Queen, Ph.D. is a senior consultant with Results Based Leadership Group (RLG), an organization that develops the capacity of government and non-profit organizations to produce measurable results for clients and communities. Dr. Queen believes in bridging theory and practice, and therefore remains connected to the classroom as adjunct faculty at UMD’s School of Public Policy.

Dr. Queen’s personal expertise focuses on the adaptive challenges of public-private partnership leaders who employ a collaborative approach to affect positive community change. She facilitates opportunities for leaders from more than 100 communities to use data to implement innovative placed-based solutions throughout the Pre-K through career pipeline.

As a senior consultant with RLG, Dr. Queen works on national initiatives such as the Promise Neighborhoods. Here, she builds leaders’ capacity to use a data-driven approach to identifying the most powerful cradle to career solutions in an effort to make measurable improvements for kids and families. In her course, she teaches students how to be effective leaders in a diverse and ever-evolving world in need of so many solutions.