Mission & Vision


 The mission of Prince George’s County Public Safety Communications is to serve as the critical and vital link between the citizens of Prince George’s County and the public safety first responders.


Public Safety Communications is committed to saving lives, protecting property, assisting the public in their time of need, and ensuring the safety of our first responders through prompt, impartial, and professional call taking, dispatch, technical and support services.

Core Values

  • Dignity - We treat all citizens with dignity during their time of need
  • Professionalism - We exhibit conscientious, courteous, and businesslike behavior in the workplace and conform to the highest ethical and technical standards of our profession.
  • Service - We provide quality service in a courteous, efficient, and accessible manner.
  • Excellence - We strive to demonstrate professional and technical excellence.
  • Integrity - We are strongly committed to the highest performance standards, moral and ethical conduct, and truthfulness in all relationships.
  • Trust - We have earned the public’s trust and are challenged daily to maintain that trust. Every telephone call, every radio transmission and every service we provide demands our utmost attention and effective response.
  • Respect - We treat all persons in a fair, impartial, unbiased, dignified, and courteous manner, with respect for individual differences and ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Pride - We take great pride in our skills, our fellow co-workers, our organization and in our commitment to public service.
  • Partnership - We value our relationships with others and make quality and transparent decisions in cooperation with our co-workers and customers.
  • Accountability - We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and we are accountable to the community for all that we do.