Sec. 13A-109

Sec. 13A-109. Negotiations.
  1. The employer and the exclusive representative shall meet at reasonable times, including meetings in advance of the employer's budget-making process, and shall negotiate in good faith with respect to wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment which are subject to negotiation under this law and which are to be embodied in a written agreement, or any question arising there under, but such obligation shall not compel either the employer or the exclusive representative to agree to a proposal or require the making of a concession. The County Executive, or his designated authorized representative(s), shall represent the employer in collective bargaining, except as otherwise provided herein. Where a collective bargaining agreement pertains to fire fighters, the President of the Prince George's County Volunteer Fire Association and the Chairman of the Prince George's Fire Commission shall be notified of all negotiations between the County and the fire fighters union and the County Executive or his designated representative shall, prior to concluding negotiations, meet and confer with the President of the Volunteer Fire Association or his representative and the Chairman of the Fire Commission or his representative who shall be a Fire Commissioner. The purpose of said conference or conferences shall be to apprise the President and Chairman of the terms of the proposed contract so that an opportunity is afforded the Volunteer representatives to advise the Executive of any concerns the proposed contract may have on the volunteer service.
  2. The employer shall not be obligated to negotiate with respect to those Countywide matters which must necessarily be uniform for all employees, such as a Countywide pension plan or reductions-in-force, unless a labor organization or council or group of labor organizations represent more than 50 percent of all employees, within the meaning of this law, subject to such uniform rules. However, the foregoing shall not prevent the employer from meeting with any other labor organization for the purpose of hearing the views and requests of its members on such matters, provided that the organization or council or group designated as representing more than 50 percent of such employees is informed in advance of the meeting, and any changes in the terms of such Countywide matters is