Military Leave Supplemental Pay

Through Council Legislation the County Executive has authorized Director of Human Resources Management of Prince George’s County to continue to provide a salary supplement and eligibility for the continuation of health benefits for County employees who are ordered to active duty in the National Guard of the United States or the Reserves because of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the resultant war on terrorism or other military action. 

 Payment of a salary supplement equal to the difference between the employee’s base rate of pay and the employee’s base military rate of pay, with the exhaustion of the employee’s annual, personal, and compensatory leave balances. Eligibility for health care benefits to continue once the employee enters a leave without pay status with both the employer and the employee contributions of the premium being paid by the County. 

 Requests for applying for Prince George’s County Government military supplemental pay is either by e-mail or telephone. All departments are responsible for directing the employee(s) to the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) for completion of pertinent documentation.  

The Agency Human Resources Liaison is responsible for ensuring employee notification of the final decision on Military Supplemental Pay Requests and serving as a liaison with Agency employees to ensure all needed information is submitted for processing by Core HR.

When the employee returns from Active Duty, the employee must notify their Agency HRL of their return. 

The Military Supplemental Pay Application can be found online here.

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