Prior Service Credit

Per Administrative Procedure 215, an employee may request prior service credit for the purpose of determining annual leave accrual within one (1) year from date of return.

An employee who has previously worked for the County Government may be granted prior service credit as follows:

  1. for time in exempt employee status (temporary, provisional, emergency, limited term appointment);
  2. previous County service (classified or exempt); and
  3. or in an agency that was substantially funded or wholly funded by the County. Agencies funded by the County include, but are not limited to, the Board of Education (BOE), Memorial Library System, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC), Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), Prince George's County Hospital (1/1/66 through 7/1/83 only), and Prince George's Community College. Please reference Section 3 for the most recent list of Prince George’s County-funded agencies.
Prior Service Credit will not be issued for employees that the following criteria apply to:

  • Previous service in a Prince George’s County Government Limited Term Grant Funded position.
  • Any months that the employee receives a retirement payment.
  • Any employee that was terminated for cause.

Employees must submit written verification for any service outside of Prince George’s County Government to receive credit upon verification by Core HR. 

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