HRL SAP Training

In order to gain administrative access to SAP, Agency Human Resources Liaisons (HRLs) must complete an online training course in the County Learning Management System (LMS).

A recording of a recent Agency HRL SAP training has been added to the County LMS and assigned to all HRLs to complete.

To access the LMS and training course:

     1. Log in to PGCG NEOGOV SSO Link using the HRLs assigned County email address and password

     2. Access the Course by clicking on the online course link to navigate directly to the course (please note that you must be logged in using SSO to access the course).

As part of the course, there is also a PDF slide deck that can be downloaded for future reference with guidance on how to complete key functions in SAP.

Upon completion, the HRL must work with the Agency IT coordinator to provide a copy of the training certificate from the LMS and submit a ticket to OIT to grant you SAP access.

Guidance on how to download a copy of the certification can be found on the OHRM County LMS webpage.

For additional assistance, contact