Stormwater Audits

Stormwater (also called polluted runoff) is the fastest growing source of pollution to the Chesapeake Bay. Learn how to manage and reduce stormwater pollution around the home at a hands-on stormwater audit.

Participants perform actual residential stormwater audit and receive field sheets they can use for their own home audit. In addition, they will receive information on techniques such as rain barrels, rain gardens, permeable pavement and how to recoup part of the cost for installing these practices. There is also a "virtual audit" option available for night meetings or in the case of inclement weather.

Schedule a Stormwater Audit
If your community, house of worship, or group is interested in hosting a stormwater audit, email Carole Ann Barth, or call 301-883-3264. Scheduling for COPE's stormwater audit and other interactive demonstrations are available on a first come first serve basis, free of charge. Find more information on COPE programs.
Learn how to Manage and Reduce Stormwater Pollution Around the Home at a Hands-on Stormwater Audit