Permits & Inspections Search, Status and History

Methods to Search for a Permit

There are different ways to search for a permit:

• Permit Search

• Permit History by Address

• Permit Status Tracking

Inspection History by Permit Number

Permit Status Can Also Be Checked by Permit/Case Number

If you know your permit/case number, use this link to check your permit/case status:
Permit/Case Status

Building Permit Status Can Be Checked in ePlan

To check the status of your permit, click one of the choices in ePlan:

  1. Project Reports > ProjectFlow –  Parallel Review – Department Review Status
    This report will show the review status and reviewers' comments.  

  2. Project Reports > ProjectFlow – Parallel Review – Workflow Routing Slip
    This report will show where the project is in the process.

To check the status of plan review, click the ePlan login link and check reviewer comments.

Be sure to have the applicant include your email address so that you receive updates on plan review status.