Municipal Police Departments

The Prince Georges County Police Department (PGPD) is the primary law enforcement agency for our County, but there is a unique symbiotic relationship between our Department and the many local, municipal governments contained within the County. Prince George’s County contains twenty-five self-governing municipalities. Some of those jurisdictions have their own police departments, whereas a few rely solely on PGPD assistance. 


For those cities/towns with their own police departments some of them are basically self-sufficient, in that they dispatch their officers and conduct their own criminal investigations. PGPD will provide assistance when requested, but our officers do not actively patrol those areas, write reports or monitor crime. 


In other areas, the County Office of Homeland Security Public Safety Communications receives 911 calls for service, dispatches municipal officers to the calls, and the PGPD handles follow-up investigations. 


This sort of shared responsibility can cause occasional discrepancies when questions surrounding crime data are requested. Generally, crime numbers contained on this website will include calls or crimes falling into the above second example but will not include calls or crimes occurring in the first example of those self-dispatching municipalities. 


If crime data is requested for cities/towns which have their own police department, and who investigate their crimes themselves, requestors will need to contact those agencies listed below directly. 


Last Updated: 06/24/2021