Speed Camera Locations

Prince George's County Maryland is operating an Automated Speed Enforcement Program (Speed Cameras). This Program includes the use of speed monitoring systems which photograph vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit by 12 miles per hour or greater, in designated school zones and designated Institutes of Higher Education areas listed in this record. Prince George's County began operation of its Automated Speed Enforcement Program with a 30-day warning period on August 22, 2011.

On September 21, 2011, Prince George's County Maryland began issuing $40 violation (Fine) notices to the registered owners of vehicles that exceeded the posted speed limit by 12 miles per hour or more in these areas. This Program allows the movement of speed monitoring systems to various locations.

Prince George's County has used and/or intends to use speed monitoring systems at the locations listed below. This record is an advertisement of prior and new locations. All Maryland State Highways on this list are subject to approval by the Maryland State Highway Administration. You can make online payments at the Online Citation Payment website.

School Location
Accokeek Academy (Eugene Burroughs Middle School and Henry Ferguson Elementary School) 14400-15400 blocks Berry Road
 Allenwood Elementary School 5700-6000 blocks Temple Hill Road
Andrew Jackson Middle School 3000-3700 blocks Regency Parkway
Antioch Church Learning Center 4800-5000 blocks Brown Station Road
Ardmore Elementary School 9100-9400 blocks Ardwick Ardmore Road
Arrowhead Elementary School 2100-2500 blocks Sansbury Road
Avalon Elementary School 4600-4700 blocks Henderson Street 
4800-4900 blocks Dalton Street
Baden Elementary School 13400-13800 blocks Baden Westwood Road 16700-17000 blocks Horsehead Road
16400-16500 blocks Baden Naylor Road
Barack Obama Elementary School 12500-12700 blocks of Brooke Lane
Barnaby Manor Elementary School 2200-2400 blocks Owens Road 
5100-5300 blocks Wheeler Road
Beddow High School 400-600 blocks Bryan Point Road
Beltsville Academy 4200-4400 blocks Howard Road
Beltsville Adventist School 4200-4300 blocks Ammendale Road
Bishop McNamara High School 6700-6800 blocks Marlboro Pike
Bond Mill Elementary School 15600-15800 blocks Bond Mill Road
Bowie State University (Institution Of Higher Learning) Laurel Bowie Road (MD Route 197), from intersection of Old Jericho Park Road to Race Track Road, Race Track Road from Laurel Bowie Road (MD Route 197) to Patuxent Riding Lane
Calverton Elementary School 3100-4000 blocks Beltsville Road
Capitol College Springfield Road from Odell Road to one half mile south of Capitol College property
Carmody Hills Elementary School 6700-6800 blocks Seat Pleasant Drive
Catherine T. Reed Elementary School 9800-9900 blocks Good Luck Road
Central High School 6300 - 7100 blocks Central Avenue (MD 214)
Cesar Chavez Elementary School 5900-6600 blocks Riggs Road (MD Route 212)
Charles Herbert Flowers High School 9100-9400 blocks Ardwick Ardmore Road
​Chesapeake Math and IT School ​14500 - 14600 blocks Sweitzer Lane
Chillum Elementary School 1300-1900 blocks Chillum Road (MD Route 501)  5400 - 6100 blocks Sargent Road
Clinton Grove Elementary School 9400-9700 blocks of Temple Hill Road
Columbia Park Elementary School 6700-7100 blocks Columbia Park Road
Concord Elementary School 5400-6100 blocks Walker Mill Road
Cool Springs Elementary School 1900-2200 blocks Metzerott Road
Cooper Lane Elementary School 3600-3900 blocks Cooper Lane
Cora L. Rice Elementary School 7400-7900 blocks Hill Oaks Road 
900-1100 Nalley Road
Croom Vocational High School (formerly RICA-Southern Maryland) 9200-9400 blocks Surratts Road
Crossland High School 5700-6000 blocks Temple Hill Road 
7000-7100 blocks Allentown Road
Deerfield Run Elementary School 12700-13600 blocks Laurel Bowie Road
(MD Route 197)
District Heights Elementary School 2100-2400 blocks County Road
Divine Peace Lutheran School 1400-1500 blocks Brown Station Road
Dodge Park Elementary School 3400-3500 blocks Hubbard Road
Doswell E Brooks Elementary School 1100-1500 blocks Brooke Road
Drew Freeman Middle School 2400-2700 blocks Brooks Drive
Drive. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School 12500-12700 blocks Brooke Lane
DuVal High School 9800-9900 blocks Good Luck Road
Dwight Eisenhower Middle School 13700-13900 blocks Briarwood Drive
Edgar Allan Poe Academy 2000-2400 blocks Shadyside Avenue
Ernest Everett Just Middle School 1100-1200 blocks Campus Way North
EXCEL Academy Public Charter School 2100-2500 blocks Matthew Henson Avenue
Excellence Christian School 8900-9700 blocks Frank Tippett Road
Fairmont Heights High School 6200-6700 blocks Columbia Park Road
Fort Foote Elementary School 8100-8400 blocks Oxon Hill Road
Fort Washington Forest Elementary School 1300-1500 blocks Fillmore Road
13429-13463 blocks Buchanan Drive
13100-13400 blocks Harrison Avenue 
Frances Fuchs Early Childhood Center 11000-11100 blocks Cherry Hill Road
Francis T. Evans Elementary School 6600-6900 blocks Old Alexandria Ferry Road
Friendly High School 9800-10000 blocks Allentown Road
G. James Gholson Middle School 7400-7900 blocks Hill Oaks Road 
900-1100 blocks Nalley Road
Glenridge Elementary School 7200-7300 blocks Gallatin Street
Grace Brethren Christian School 9600-10100 blocks Brandywine Road
6500-6900 blocks Surratts Road
Green Valley Academy at Edgar Allan Poe 2000-2400 blocks of Shadyside Avenue
Gwynn Park High School 13700-13900 blocks of Brandywine Road
(MD Route 381)
Gwynn Park Middle School 7700-8400 blocks Dyson Road
High Bridge Elementary School 6800-7100 blocks High Bridge Road
High Point High School 3400 - 3700 blocks of Powder Mill Road
Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School 11700-12300 blocks Daisy Lane
Howard University (Beltsville Campus) Old Baltimore Pike from the intersection of Ammendale Road to Muirkirk Road, Muirkirk Road from Old Baltimore Pike to the intersection of Ellington Road to Odell Road and Odell Road to Ammendale Road
Imagine Foundation at Leeland Public Charter School 13800-14200 blocks  Oak Grove Road
Independent Baptist Academy 9300-9500 blocks Piscataway Road
(MD Route 223)
Indian Queen Elementary School 9400-9700 blocks Fort Foote Road
Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School 8400-9000 blocks Allentown Road
James E Duckworth Regional Center 11200-11350 blocks Evan's Trail
James H. Harrison Elementary School 8300-8600 blocks Contee Road
James Madison Middle School 6900-7300 blocks Woodyard Road
(MD Route 223)
James Ryder Randall Elementary School 5300-5800 blocks Kirby Road
Jessie B. Mason Regional School 2500-2900 blocks Iverson Street
John H. Baynes Elementary School 6900-7400 blocks Walker Mill Road
John Hanson Montessori School 6100-6400 blocks Oxon Hill Road
Judith P. Hoyer Montessori School (formerly Oakcrest Elementary School) 800-1100 blocks Hill Road
Kenmoor Early Learning Center and Middle Schools 8000-8500 blocks Landover Road
(MD Route 202)
Kettering Elementary School 010-500 blocks Kettering Drive
Kettering Middle School 02-206 blocks Herrington Drive
Kingsford Elementary School 1200-1600 blocks Enterprise Road
(MD Route 193)
12100-12200 blocks Kings Arrow Street
Lake Arbor Elementary School 1100-1200 blocks Campus Way North
10000-10500 blocks Lake Arbor Way
Lewisdale Elementary School 6900-7100 blocks 23rd Avenue 
2200-2500 blocks Banning Place
Longfields Elementary School 7300-7500 blocks Marlboro Pike
Marlton Elementary School 8500-8700 blocks Heathermore Boulevard
8400-12200 Old Colony Drive
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School 3900-5200 blocks Ammendale Road
Mattaponi Elementary School 11700-11800 blocks Duley Station Road
Matthew Henson Elementary School 8000-8500 blocks Landover Road
(MD Route 202)
Maya Angelou French Immersion (formerly G. Gardner Shugart Middle School) 2000 - 2100 blocks of Calloway Street
Melwood Elementary School 6900-7300 blocks Woodyard Road
(MD Route 223)
Montpelier Elementary School 9000-9200 blocks Muirkirk Road
National Christian Academy 6300-6600 blocks St. Barnabas Road
6700-6800 blocks Bock Road
New Chapel Christian Academy 5500-5700 blocks Old Branch Avenue
North Forestville Elementary School 2200-2500 blocks Ritchie Road
Northwestern High School 6900-7600 blocks Adelphi Road
Oaklands Elementary School 13500-13900 blocks Laurel Bowie Road
(MD Route 197)
Overlook Full Spanish Immersion 3300-3400 blocks Curtis Drive
Oxon Hill Elementary School 7500-7900 blocks Livingston Road
Oxon Hill Middle School 9400-9700 blocks Fort Foote Road
Perrywood Elementary School 200-1200 blocks Watkins Park Drive
(MD Route 193)
Phyllis E Williams Spanish Immersion 001-800 blocks Harry S Truman Drive
Potomac High School 1500-1800 blocks Iverson Street
Potomac Landing Elementary School 12300-12600 blocks Fort Washington Road
Prince George's Community College (Institution Of Higher Learning) Largo Road (MD Route 202) from Central Avenue (MD Route 214) to Homestead Drive; Campus Way South from Largo Road to Harry S Truman; Harry S Truman from Campus Way South to New Orchard Road
Princeton Elementary School 6100-6400 blocks Auth Road
Reid Temple Christian Academy 11300-11500 blocks Prospect Hill Road
Ridgecrest Elementary School 5900-6600 blocks Riggs Road (MD Route 212)  800-900 blocks Ray Road
Riverdale Baptist School 900-1200 blocks Largo Road (MD Route 202)
Robert Goddard Montessori School 9800-9900 blocks Good Luck Road
Robert R. Gray ES 4700-5300 blocks Addison Road
Rosa L. Parks Elementary School 5700-6300 blocks Ager Road
Rosaryville Elementary School 9900-10000 blocks Rosaryville Road
Samuel Chase Elementary School 5500-5700 blocks Fisher Road
Samuel P. Massie Elementary School 3000-3700 blocks Regency Parkway
Seabrook Elementary School 9400-9500 blocks Annapolis Road
(MD Route 450)
St. John's School 8800-9000 blocks Old Branch Avenue
St. Joseph's Regional Catholic School 1100-11100 blocks Montgomery Road
St. Margarets' Day Care 300-600 blocks Addison Road South
St. Mary of the Assumption School 4600-4800 blocks Largo Road
 (MD Route 202)
St. Mary's School of Piscataway 13400-13500 blocks Piscataway Road
(MD Route 223)
St. Phillips of the Apostle School 5500-5600 blocks Auth Road
Suitland High School 4900-5400 blocks Silver Hill Road
(MD Route 458)
Tall Oaks Vocational 2000-2300 blocks Church Road
Tayac Elementary School 8400-9000 blocks Allentown Road
Thomas Johnson Middle School 9400-9500 blocks Annapolis Road
(MD Route 450)
Thomas G. Pullen K-8 Creative and Performing Arts School 500-1100 blocks Brightseat Road
Thurgood Marshall Middle Schooll 4600-5600 blocks Brinkley Road
Vansville Elementary School and University of the District of Columbia's Research Farm (Institution Of Higher Learning) 11600-11900 blocks Old Baltimore Pike
Waldon Woods Elementary School 10100-10400 blocks Thrift Road
Washington Bible College Princess Garden Parkway from Good Luck Road to Hickory Hill Avenue, Good Luck Road from the underpass at Interstate Route 95/495 to Cipriano Road
Willam Paca Elementary School 6600-8200 blocks Sheriff Road
William Hall Elementary School 5000-5300 blocks Marlboro Pike
Woodmore Elementary School 12000-12500 blocks Woodmore Road
 HB-187 (June 1, 2019) Speed Camera MD Route 210 @ Old Fort Road (Southbound)
 HB-187 (June 1, 2019) Speed Camera 11100 block MD Route 210 (Southbound)
 HB-187 (June 1, 2019) Speed Camera 12800 block MD Route 210 (North/Southbound)
 HB-187 (June 1, 2019) Speed Camera 14400 block MD Route 210 (North/Southbound)
 HB-187 (June 1, 2019) Speed Camera 17200 block MD Route 210 (Southbound)
 HB-187 (June 1, 2019) Speed Camera 18200 block MD Route 210 (Northbound)