Non-Fatal Shootings

In an effort to provide a clearer understanding of firearm related incidents to our community and for academic / policy related research purposes, this section was created. 


As of January 2021, available crime data at the State and / or National level does not place firearm violence into its own aggregated category. The Prince George’s County Police Department continues to issue a call to provide expanded crime analysis capabilities at the State and National level and as such, continues to evaluate how crimes within various categories are measured and displayed. 


The Non-Fatal Shooting totals contained within are a subset of the Aggravated Assault offense and therefore should not be added to any displayed data as this would cause an artificial increase in overall incident evaluation. 


These totals include any incident within Prince George’s County that are investigated by PGPD, regardless of primary jurisdiction. For example, if a Non-Fatal Shooting occurs within a town/city serviced by a municipal agency, but PGPD is asked to investigate the incident, those data will be included herein. 


A Non-Fatal Shooting is defined as any incident where a person was the target or intended target of a firearms discharge. 


A Contact Shooting is defined as an incident where a person was struck by intentional firearms discharge and has not passed away from injuries sustained by the firearm discharge. 


A Non-Contact Shooting is defined as an incident where a person was not struck by intentional firearms discharge.

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