State of Maryland definition of Carjacking


Carjacking is a robbery or attempted robbery where the primary objective is to obtain the victim's motor vehicle and the victim is in the vehicle or in very close proximity to the vehicle.  


A Carjacking is a Maryland specific categorization of crime that is required to be reported under Maryland State law. Under the UCR program, the term Carjacking does not exist as these incidents are reported as Robberies as the motor vehicle is considered proceeds of the incident. Several states have included Carjacking as a state reporting requirement and for this purpose the Prince George’s County will make our local occurrence data available publicly. 


All robberies where a motor vehicle is taken or attempted to be taken will appear within this section. These data are indicative of incidents that occurred within an area where the Prince George’s County Police Department has primary law enforcement jurisdiction and does not display data from our municipal partners. 

Last Updated: 04/16/2021


Month Firearm Knife Other Weapon Hands / Feet Incident Total
January 13 0 1 8 22
February 16 1 2 6 25
March 14 3 0 6 23
29 1 3 14 70

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