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Getting Started with Benefits 365

Enroll with 30 days – You have 30 days from your date of hire to enroll in the medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), long-term disability, and supplemental life insurance benefit plans. If you don’t enroll within the first 30 days of hire, you will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to enroll, unless you experience a qualifying life event.

Know your options – Review the Active Employee Benefits Guide; it includes information to help you select the coverage options that are best for you and your family.  

Make your elections – Complete the enrollment process using the Employee Self Service (ESS) website or by completing and submitting an Enrollment/Change Form to the Benefit Administration Division.

Making Changes

You cannot change your benefit elections during the year, unless you experience a qualifying life event, which includes:

  • Marriage, divorce, or legal separation

  • Death of the employee’s spouse or dependent

  • Birth, adoption or legal guardianship of a child

  • Change in eligibility status of a dependent of the employee, including attainment of age limit of eligibility

  • Change in dependent’s job that results in addition or loss of coverage

  • Status change of an employee (i.e., part-time to full-time, full-time to part-time, beginning leave of absence or returning from such leave)

  • Relocation into or out of network area for employee, spouse and dependent;

  • An employee, spouse, or dependent becomes enrolled under Medicare or Medicaid. 

If you have a qualifying life event, contact the Benefits Division within 30 days of the event to make changes to your coverage. If you fail to notify the Benefits Division within 30 days, you may not enroll, cancel, or change coverage until the next annual Open Enrollment, unless you have another qualifying life event.

You will need to provide documentation to verify the qualifying life event as outlined in the chart below.

Qualifying Event
Documentation Required 
Birth or adoption of a child
Government issued Birth Certificate that includes parents’ names AND Social Security Card.
Government issued Marriage Certificate, AND Current proof of Joint Ownership*. If married in the past 12 months, only Government issued Marriage Certificate is required.
Divorce decree.
Legal separation/Limited divorce
Legal separation/Limited divorce papers signed by judge or attorney.
Legal guardianship
Government issued Birth Certificate, Court Ordered Document of Guardianship, AND Social Security Card.
Death of spouse or dependent
Death certificate.
Loss of coverage
Documentation to include date of termination and the coverage(s) you are losing. If adding dependents, then required documentation from them is required.
Gaining coverage
Documentation to include coverage(s) being obtained and the effective date.

* Standard Proof of Joint Ownership includes:

  • Mortgage Statement
  • Bank Statement (bank account verification letter showing active status)
  • Active lease agreement
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Renters Insurance 
  • State tax return (within 1 year)
  • Credit Card statement (includes department stores, and care credit)
  • Property Tax
  • Current-year state tax return listing spouse/partner 
  • Current-year mortgage interest/mortgage insurance 
  • Warranty deed
  • Auto loans 
  • Current-year federal tax return listing the spouse 

All documents must be submitted to the OHRM Benefits and Pensions Division within 30 days of the qualifying life event, with the Dependent Verification cover form:

  • Email:

  • Fax: 301-883-6192

  • Mail or hand deliver: 1400 McCormick Drive, Suite 110, Largo, MD 20774 

  1. When to Enroll
  2. How to Enroll

When to Enroll

You can enroll in Benefits 365:

  • As a new hire, within 30 days of your date of hire.

  • During the Open Enrollment period held each fall.

  • Within 30 days of a qualified life event.