The Prince George’s County Police Department submits the number of persons arrested for violations, except minor traffic offenses and warrant services, on monthly submissions to the State of Maryland and the FBI. PGPD records the age, sex, race, and ethnicity of adult and juvenile arrestees for computing arrest trends and volumes.

Arrests for violations can occur anytime after an incident is brought to the attention of the Police. Arrests for offenses are not correlative to the total of offenses reported. For example, if there are four arrests for one robbery, the data will indicate Arrest = 4, Robbery = 1. Care should be taken when comparing the number of offenses reported by the police and the number of persons arrested by the police. 

Additionally, these totals are indicative of when an arrest occurred, not when an offense was reported or occurred. The data represent all arrests made by Prince George’s County police officers during a calendar month which includes arrests made in a town/city served by a municipal agency.