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6181 Old Central Avenue, 302 Rollins Avenue; Yolanda Avenue Appraisal in Review

6181 Old Central Avenue; 302 Rollins Avenue; Central Avenue; Yolanda Avenue; Capitol Heights, MD SDAT

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Property Description:Former Lyndon Hills Elementary school site; Tax Map 73, Grid B1, Pt Lots 1-5; Pt Lots 6.7, Lots 8-10; Lots 11-15; Lots 16-20; Lots 21-24; Par 72; Par 71; Par 70; Par 64
Location:6181 Old Central Avenue; 302 Rollins Avenue; Central Avenue; Yolanda Avenue Capitol Heights, MD. 20743
Tax Account No.:

18-1992395; 18-1992403; 18-1992411; 18-1992429; 18-1992437; 18-1992684; 18-1992668; 18-1992627;18-1992171

Date of Acquisition02/04/1993
Acquisition Price:$0.00
Proposed Sale Price: No consideration transfer
2018 Assessment: n/a
Area: 6.05 acres
Disposition:No consideration transfer to Redevelopment Authority for development purposes


NOTE: Former Lyndon Hills Elementary School; parcels slated to be transferred from the Board of Education into County inventory in Summer 2019