Project Types & Rebate Amounts

ProjectIndividual ResidenceCommercial, Homeowner Associations, Condominium Associations, Civic Associations, Multi-Family Dwelling, Nonprofits, Not-for-Profit Organizations
$2/gallon stored (250 gallons minimum)$2/gallon stored (250 gallons minimum)
Conservation Landscaping 
Conservation BMP new
$5/square foot (minimum 250 square feet)

**more details coming soon**
$5/square foot (minimum 250 square feet)

**more details coming soon**
Green Roofs
$10/square foot (minimum 1/4 roof retrofit)$10/square foot if less than 6” of planting material; $20/square foot if more than 6” of planting material (minimum 1/4 roof retrofit)
Pavement Removal
$6/square foot$6/square foot (400 square foot minimum)
Permeable Pavement
$12/square foot$12/square foot (400 square foot minimum)
Rain Barrels
$2/gallon stored (must capture 50 gallons)$2/gallon stored (must capture 100 gallons)
Rain Gardens
$10/square foot (minimum size 100 square feet)$10/square foot (minimum size 100 square feet)
Urban Tree Canopy
$150/tree (minimum tree height of 5 feet)$150/tree (minimum tree height of 5 feet)
Maximum Rebate Allowed per Property$6,000$20,000