Water Quality Complaint Program

The Department of the Environment (DoE) receives water quality complaints from service requests submitted by residents through the PGC311 Call Center. DoE Inspectors are dispatched to investigate and address complaints received from concerned residents.  Some residential and commercial property owners use the County’s drainage systems and streams to dispose of their automotive fluids, hazardous chemicals, detergents and other toxic fluids. These property owners do not understand that pollutants dumped in the drainage systems are directly discharged into our streams, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. However, there are also property owners that dump and discharge pollutants into the County’s streams knowing it is illegal.

Pollutant Dumping/Unusual Fluids

Should you see someone dumping pollutants into the drainage systems or streams, if you see any discoloration in the stream water, or if you see any unusual fluids flowing from a property, please contact the PGC311 Call Center by dialing 3-1-1. If you believe the water pollution problem is an emergency or smell gasoline or oil, promptly call 911.