Emergency Response

There are 3 emergency levels.

Emergency Level 1
This is non-emergency, unusual event, slowly developing, e.g., the elevation of the dam is rising. Technical representatives/inspectors are sent out to monitor the dam for a potential or imminent dam failure situation.

Emergency Level 2
Potential Dam failure situation, rapidly developing. Technical representatives/inspectors closely monitor the condition of the dam and periodically report the status of the situation to the Dam Operator. If conditions worsen and dam failure is imminent, the Dam Operator immediately notifies the Emergency Management Director of the change, and if necessary, recommends full or partial activation of the Emergency Operations Center.

Emergency Level 3
Urgent, dam failure appears to be imminent or in progress. This is an extremely urgent situation when the failure cannot be prevented. The Dam Operator will immediately contact the Director, Emergency Management to put plans in place for the evacuation of all at risk people, and close all roads that will be affected.