Community Outreach

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Community Outreach

Learn about the groups and people active in your community to make it better. If you are a resident of 20743, you can help too by joining the Community Advisory Board!

Health Literacy

The Prince Georges County Health Department has partnered with the University of Maryland's School of Public Health to create a Health Literacy Campaign. This purpose of this campaign is to enable residents to effectively use the healthcare services offered through the Health Enterprise Zone. Your participation is needed to grow the health literacy campaign. Look out for members of the community and HEZ staff as they conduct surveys in your neighborhood.

Your Community Health Workers

If you live in the 20743 zip code and need help locating medical facilities, understanding the healthcare system, and finding supportive services, call the Prince George's County HEZ Community Health Workers. To connect with them call 301-883-7879

The HEZ Coalition

The HEZ Coalition was formed to oversee and carry out functions related to community efforts within the HEZ. The Coalition is comprised of an executive from the PGCHD, the mayors in zip code 20743, elected officials and select community partners.

The Coalition has been tasked with ensuring that the health care needs of the community are identified and addressed by the HEZ. The Coalition will also assist in recruiting residents to join the Zone's Community Advisory Board (CAB).

HEZ's Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of residents from all racial, ethnic, and other minority groups who live in 20743.

The CAB is responsible for eliciting and presenting the needs, views, and concerns of all the residents of 20743 to provide this information to the Zone Coalition and the Prince George's County Department of Health's (PGCHD's) staff. If you are interested in participating in the Community Advisory Board, please contact Barbara Banks-Wiggins at (301) 883-7879 or via email at