The DPIE Story

Synergy through Consolidation and Co-location

"The DPIE Story" tells the story of the creation and evolution of Prince George’s County, Maryland’s Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement during its first two years of operation.

Daniel L. Dornan Received the GFOA-WMA Award for Excellence in Government Finance on Behalf of DPIE

DPIE received the Government Finance Officers Association of the Washington Metropolitan Area (GFOA-WMA) 2015 Award for Excellence in Government Finance. This Award was presented in recognition of the tremendous strides the agency has made in improving and delivering more efficient and effective permitting, inspection and enforcement services to the customers and citizens of Prince George’s County.

The Story of DPIE, written by Daniel Dornan, Special Assistant to the Director, captures the history of DPIE and served as the basis for the GFOA-WMA Award. The Story highlights the three years of continuous effort to create, develop and implement DPIE, which stemmed from the forward thinking vision of County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III to streamline permitting, inspections and enforcement services.

"The Story of DPIE" Won One of the Five Prince George’s County National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards for Administrative Management

DPIE is the newest department in Prince George’s County. DPIE was originally conceived as a response to continuing criticism of the County’s permitting and licensing processes lodged by representatives of the County’s economic development community. DPIE is the keynote initiative of County Executive Rushern L. Baker III for improving the County’s capacity to meet the needs of developers and businesses seeking permits and licenses from the County in a timely and proficient manner. DPIE brings together staff from nine County, bi-County, and State agencies under one-roof so that customers can access related services required for issuing a permit or license in one place.

DPIE has achieved dramatic improvements in various service measures through organizational transformation, process improvement, technology enhancement, staffing optimization, office space rehabilitation, performance monitoring and reporting and staff recognition. This includes an 88 percent increase in revenues between fiscal years 2014 and 2016; a doubling of permit, plan review and inspection activity, and a 63-95 percent reduction in the time needed to process various permits and licenses. All this was accomplished without increasing staff or outsourcing.

Use this link to read "The DPIE Story" manuscript.
Use this link to view the NACo Achievement Award for County Administration and Management video.


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Dan Dornan, center, at the GFOA-WMA Awards.
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