Health and Human Services 8 Priority Focus Areas

Prince George's County Health and Human Services (HHS) is comprised of the Prince George’s County Department of Family Services, the Health Department, and the Department of Social Services. We are committed to providing County residents access to the quality, reliable and affordable health and human services you need. The following are the 8 Priority Focus Areas we established to help us meet our goal. Click on the below links for additional information on each focus area.

  1. Continue Momentum to Reduce Infant Mortality and Low Birth Weights

  2. Improve Access to Quality Services and Information About Our

  3. Increase Focus on Intervention Services for at Risk Youth
  4. Reduce Chronic Diseases by Reducing Obesity

  5. Reduce Sexually Transmitted Infections (HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, Syphilis and Gonorrhea)
  6. Increase the Number of Older Adults Receiving Home and Community Based Services
  7. Reduce Violence Between Intimate Partners
  8. Increase Access to Behavioral Health Services
Health & Human Services