Jump Starting Transit Oriented Development

Prince George’s County’s 15 Metrorail Stations represent economic opportunity – for the County and private sector. The Washington, DC region’s real estate market is one of the strongest in the country. With a robust regional rail system – the second largest in the country - Metro has been a significant driver of development. The federal government and private sector office users are more often turning to transit accessible sites. There is a growing demand for walkable, mixed-use, transit accessible communities, particularly among young professionals who are key to developing an innovation economy. The County’s 15 stations should be primed to take advantage of these trends.

Bringing Focus to an Existing Strategy

  • Building on growing momentum and success in the county.
  • The opportunity and reality of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the county.
  • Policy of supporting TOD in the county has been in place for 3 years.

Critical Components

There are 6 critical components to jump start Transit Oriented Development (TOD) are:

  1. Focus: All 15 county metro stations will benefit from this initiative, but five metro stations are established as the highest priority for financial and other incentives.
  2. Infrastructure: The county commits to support infrastructure needs for the priority stations, including source of funds and timetable.
  3. Fast-track: TOD project will move through the regulatory approval process with unprecedented speed.
  4. Financial Incentives: Tax credits, grants, low-cost loans, bond financing and fee reductions will be used to reduce private development costs.
  5. Vision & Marketing: Each metro station will build a unique "brand" suited to its particular market strengths.
  6. Leadership & Collaboration: The county will take a leading role in working with local, state, regional and federal partners to implement TOD.

We're Committed!

Prince George's County is committed to:

  • Supporting quality TOD development that meets county expectations and our identified targets for density, mixed use, and vision.
  • This proposal is intended to "breakthrough" previous real and perceived impediments to TOD at the county's metro stations, and its breadth demonstrates the collective commitment of both the County Executive and the County Council.
  • We invite the private sector to step up and participate in the county's economic growth and prosperity.