Jump Starting Transit Oriented Development

Prince George’s County’s 15 Metrorail Stations represent economic opportunity – for the County and private sector. With a robust regional rail system – the second largest in the country - Metro has been a significant driver of development. There is a growing demand for walkable, mixed-use, transit-accessible communities.

Blue Line Corridor FAQs

Our 5 Blue Line Corridor (BLC) Signature Projects will help us build a walkable, bikeable, amenity-rich downtown in Prince George's County. These projects continue to progress, and we want to provide our community with regular updates.

Youth Sports Fieldhouse

Youth Sports Fieldhouse Location MapOur youth sports fieldhouse project will build an indoor fieldhouse along the Blue Line Corridor that can accommodate multiple indoor sports, including (but not limited to) basketball, volleyball, soccer, pickleball, indoor track, field hockey, and gymnastics. The facility will help our County become an international youth sports destination.

Recent Updates on the Fieldhouse

  • The proposed site is the vacant, County-owned land behind/around 9400 Peppercorn Place in Largo.
  • A market and economic impact study for the project has begun, led by the Maryland Stadium Authority.
  • A request for proposal (RFP) for a team to perform preliminary design services will be released this month at Maryland Stadium Authority and eMarland Marketplace Advantage. Once the preliminary investigations are complete, the selected design team will begin gathering community input during the design phase.
  • Local, small, and minority-owned businesses are encouraged to respond to the RFP.

Civic Plaza at Wayne K. Curry Administration Building

Civic Plaza MapOur civic plaza project will transform a portion of the parking lot of the Wayne K. Curry Administration Building into a public plaza that can serve as a gathering space for residents and visitors.

Recent Updates on the Civic Plaza

  • A community meeting was held on April 20, 2023, with community members providing feedback on the potential mix of uses, design, sustainability, and overall vision.
  • The County and the Maryland Stadium Authority are working to solicit a design/build team for the plaza.
  • A request for proposal (PRF) for a design/build team was released.
  • Local, small, and minority-owned businesses are encouraged to respond to the RFP.

Blue Line Corridor