DPIE and the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative

The Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) is a major program of the Baker Administration designed to improve the quality of life for residents of six challenged communities within the County. TNI's goal is to improve these neighborhoods by providing resources and attention to issues and opportunities that will help improve the local economy, schools, health care, public safety and aesthetics.

DPIE actively supports and is strongly involved and committed to this initiative.  Each DPIE liaison helps in numerous activities including managing a blight reduction program and participating in bi-monthly inspection tours of each TNI area with a code enforcement inspector from DPIE's Enforcement Division to assess the physical condition of homes or buildings in each TNI area — identify properties not in compliance with County codes and determine which are candidates for clean-up, fix-up, board-up or demolition (in cases of unsafe structures that are beyond repair).

Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative Sign